Night Puck, our original product concept was developed out of necessity. If you have ever had the opportunity to enjoy hockey in it’s purest form on the pond, you will know it is exceptionally easy to lose pucks. The Night Puck meets the weight, dimension, and balance specifications of a standard hockey puck while illuminating the immediate surface surrounding it with three 120 degree lights projecting light from it’s side. The puck maintains it’s traditional feel as it comprised of 75% vulcanized rubber. Night Puck is the ideal solution for the backyard pond hockey player.

Features of the Night Puck:

Meets the standard weight, size, and balance requirements
of an official puck

Keeps the game going in the dark Canadian winters
regardless of conditions

Reduces the amount of pucks lost, LED’s maintain
visibility even in snow

Provides a opportunity for low light training, testing
depth perception and reaction timing