iQ Puck is a player development tool specifically designed for hockey. Our product is a sensory based hockey puck that can transmit its movement via Bluetooth to a smart phone or tablet. The device can track shot speed, trajectory, accuracy, and spin, along with several other measures. This tool is specifically designed for individual puck control and shooting skill development.


The iQ Puck mobile application will ask the player to enter their bio-metric data such as their height and weight. Once the players profile is setup, the system will then ask the player to complete a series of drills to calculate their current skill level. The data will be reported back as individual skill ratings and an overall player rating. The platform will compare the data that it has collected against other players of the same age and competitive level. Strengths & weaknesses will be identified allowing the platform to provide the player with a custom performance development plan.


We have designed our product for the player, coach, and performance development trainer. Our main focus is empowering hockey players interested in managing their personal skill development. Coaches and development trainers will benefit from a web application that allows them to access their player’s data to see development trends over time and the frequency that their players are participating in individual training while away from the rink.

Who can use this?

Hockey Players interested in tracking their puck control, shooting, and passing skill development

Coaches & Development Trainers by accessing their players data through the iQ Puck web application

Features of the IQ Puck:

Puck control, shooting, and passing development training at home

Identify strengths and weaknesses of specific skills by benchmarking against your peers

Customized skill development plan

Work on your individual skill set when and where you like

Challenge your friends to match your deke in a game of P.U.C.K.

Identify which type of stick works best for your shot